It's worth noting that this roadmap is not exhaustive and can be adjusted based on market conditions and feedback from the community. The overarching goal of this roadmap is to build a comprehensive platform for charitable giving that is accessible, transparent, and sustainable.
  • Phase 1: Building the Foundation Q1 - Q2
    Establish the core team and governance structure Conduct market research and analysis Build a website and social media presence Launch initial token sale and distribute tokens Develop partnerships with charities and non-profit organizations Build a decentralized application (DApp) for the C4C ecosystem Launch the DAO and begin accepting proposals for charity donations
  • Phase 2: Expanding to Multiple Chains (Q3 - Q4)
    Implement multi-chain signing to allow voting on both Ethereum and Polygon Build bridges to other popular chains, such as Binance Smart Chain and Solana Increase community engagement and outreach efforts Build out a comprehensive NFT marketplace for charity fundraising Implement additional features to the DApp, such as staking and yield farming
  • Phase 3: Integrating with Real-World Causes (Q1 - Q2)
    Expand partnerships with charities and non-profit organizations, both domestic and international Build out a network of corporate sponsors and philanthropic organizations Explore potential collaborations with governmental bodies to help fund charitable causes Expand the use of NFTs beyond fundraising, to represent real-world causes such as environmental sustainability and social justice Build out a comprehensive impact measurement system to track the progress of charitable causes supported by C4C
  • Phase 4: Global Expansion (Q3 and beyond)
    Build out a global network of C4C chapters to support local charitable causes Expand the platform to support additional languages and currencies Build out additional features, such as a C4C debit card and digital wallet for easy donation and spending of C4C tokens Explore potential collaborations with other decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to build out a comprehensive financial ecosystem for charitable causes Expand the impact measurement system to support global causes and measure progress at a global scale
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