How It Works

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    Patient Profile Creation

    • Patients seeking doula services create their profiles on the OmoD platform.
    • They provide personal information, medical history, and specific preferences related to their pregnancy and childbirth journey.
  • 2

    Doula Connection

    • Doulas join the OmoD platform and create their profiles, showcasing their expertise, certifications, and experience.
    • Patients can search for doulas based on their specialization, availability, and compatibility.
    • Patients connect with their chosen doula, establishing a secure and private communication channel.
  • 3

    Save Data

    • Patients have full control over their medical data and can choose to share specific information with their doula.
      • Through OmoD's decentralized data sharing protocols, patients securely share relevant medical records, ultrasound images, and prenatal care information with their doula.
      • The shared data is encrypted and stored on the decentralized network, ensuring privacy and security.
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    Insurance Coverage

    • Patients can link their insurance information to their OmoD profiles, providing transparency and streamlining insurance processes.
      • Insurance companies participating in the OmoD network have access to patient profiles and relevant medical data to assess coverage and process claims.
  • 5

    Empowering Patient Experience

    • Doulas, patients, and insurance companies can collaborate through OmoD to ensure comprehensive care and proper insurance coordination.
      • Doulas can work closely with patients to provide personalized support based on the shared information, while insurance companies can access necessary data for coverage determination and claims processing.

Contract Creation Services

Create Crypto Token 10 Min

Get your token created with an audited code.

Create NFT Farm10 Min

Staked NFTs are stored inside the contract and rewards are calculated for the amount of time these NFTs were staked. Admin should maintain adequate balance of reward tokens in the staking-contract. These rewards are then transferred to stakers upon claiming.

DAO Token Generation30 Min

Get DAO governing tokens to run your autonamous organization.

Discover how Crypto 4 A Cause is Empowering Charitable Giving Through Cryptocurrency

Through the use of Crypto 4 A Cause, users can participate in the DAO and have a say in the direction of the platform. To do so, they must first acquire C4C tokens by interacting with the platform's ecosystem. This can be done by farming NFTs or participating in other activities within the platform.

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