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Empowering Users to Protect their Data and Donate to a Charity through Blockchain

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  • Q: What is Crypto 4 A Cause?

    A: Crypto 4 A Cause is a blockchain-based charitable organization that leverages the power of cryptocurrency to support social causes.
  • What are the UN Global Goals?

    The UN Global Goals are a collection of 17 sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The goals aim to address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation.
  • What is the goal of Crypto 4 A Cause

    The goal of Crypto 4 A Cause is to create a more transparent and efficient charity sector, while also making a positive impact on the world through social impact initiatives. Through their platform, C4C aims to bridge the gap between the crypto community and charitable organizations, while also providing innovative fundraising solutions for charities.
  • How does Crypto 4 A Cause support charitable causes?

    Crypto 4 A Cause partners with charities selected by the community and uses blockchain technology to create a transparent and accountable system for donating cryptocurrency. The community suggests a charity and the DAO brings it up for a vote. Once a charity is selected, Crypto 4 A Cause's in-house team of artists will hand-draw an NFT artwork, which will be added to Maxity.io, their partner, as a verified charity. The NFT collection will allow for donations to flow in.
  • What is Maxity.io and how is it related to Crypto 4 A Cause?

    Maxity.io is the world's first Web3 social impact protocol, which contributes to the UN Global Goals and strengthens transparency in the charity sector using blockchain technology. Crypto 4 A Cause has partnered with Maxity.io to create a charity NFT marketplace and a symbiotic metaverse.

Discover how Crypto 4 A Cause is Empowering Charitable Giving Through Cryptocurrency

Through the use of Crypto 4 A Cause, users can participate in the DAO and have a say in the direction of the platform. To do so, they must first acquire C4C tokens by interacting with the platform's ecosystem. This can be done by farming NFTs or participating in other activities within the platform.
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